Building My Chicken Coop

So, I’ve started building my chicken coops. It’s going to take awhile to actually complete everything, but I got a good start on it this weekend. I will be getting my 5 week old hens around March 10th and am super excited!!

Both coops are from Tractor Supply. I debated for awhile on if it would be easier/cheaper to build my own or buy a kit. I like the kits that I got but will definitely be adding my own touches to them.

First I had my dad scrape the area where I am putting the coops to level out the surface.


This was the first coop I bought. I added the wire on the bottom to add extra “predator proof” protection. The box said it will hold up to 6 chickens but I’d say it would be best for 4. I also really like that it has a door at the top of the coop box so they can be locked in at night, and up off the ground.



Because the first coop seemed too small for 6, which is the amount I’m starting off with and will continue to add more, I decided to go back and get another one. I really wanted to just get the same kit as I already had, but it apparently was a clearance item and no stores in my area had anymore. So I ended up with the deluxe version. The box said this one will hold up to 8 chickens. The only thing I don’t like about this coop is it doesn’t have a door like the other one does to close the top of the coop off.


Eventually behind both coops will be fencing, so the hens will have room to roam about  but still be contained.


I started some landscaping around them, but still have some more to finish.

Here are the links to the coops I have:

Smaller Coop (This coop in stores is only $119)

Larger Coop


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